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Family Friendly and Faith-Based Entertainment.

Watch from anywhere. Movies, Documentaries, Short Films, Classic TV, Cartoons, and Faith-Based entertainment.

Includes "The Classroom," with over $500 worth of education for actors/filmmakers as well as other free courses available with a subscription.

Discounted church group and workplace membership options available!

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Parables is a digital video streaming service offering a seamless and gratifying user experience that provides empowering entertainment, while inspiring and elevating family values. Created on the premise “what you watch matters”, Parables features a wide variety of wholesome content that’s fun and safe for the entire family to enjoy, including award-winning movies, TV shows, series, documentaries and children’s programing.

Mission: Our mission is to empower minds and strengthen our faith and family values using world class content through the power of digital media.


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Mission: To create God-honoring entertainment that strengthens the faith and values of you and your family. Let’s inspire together to be a transformational voice in entertainment that is free from uncomfortable surprises for you and your family. Feel at ease with a safe place for streaming.

UPDATE 11/12/20: Pure Flix streaming service has just been sold to Sony. Read the full article HERE. Current pricing and subscription information may soon be subject to change.

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Find CMN in Roku TV channels in the "Faith-Based" genre. It's FREE!  "Arts, entertainment and ministry for today's Christian."

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We’ve reimagined what streaming services should be about and created a place for shorter content to thrive. Come here to be entertained by your favorite Youtubers and fall in love with our Digital Originals. three60tv, clean, Christian, and FREE!

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If you have not subscribed yet, please support us in this new venture to bring faith and family movie and tv content to homes! We are on Apple & Roku!!

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The largest selection of faith-affirming and family-approved films on the Internet. With hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, Christian Cinema is the world’s best way to watch Christian movies and TV shows. Since 1999, we have provided entertainment that inspires families of Faith. With more ways to watch than ever, Christian Cinema keeps your entire Christian library organized and ready to play.

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"It’s my joy to present to you RightNow Media, which is kind of a Netflix for Christian Bible Study."

Matt Chandler

Lead Pastor, The Village Church, TX
Subscriber since March 2012

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During this time of global concern, we want to support individuals who don’t have access to RightNow Media through their church. If this is you, click here to get free access to a limited library of content.