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We are excited to announce Room4, our new free mobile app! It was built to help bring the Christian film community together like never before. Download it today to gain access to our free resources and join our growing community!
— Laura Mae

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Serving the Christian filmmaker community for 4 years and counting, Christian Casting Community connects faith based and family friendly film projects with Christian actors. We also pray, support and encourage one another.
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Jean Wenger
Founder of Treasure Coast Talent
Laura Mae's hard work on behalf of actors, as well as her positive attitude and seemingly limitless energy, is such a blessing in this industry.
Jenny Porrata
Laura Mae is one of the most faith filled women I have ever met! Her passion and willingness to help on set for "Don't Say My Name" was inspiring. I'm truly blessed to be part of the Christian Casting Network.
Marty Jean-Louis
Laura Mae is one of the most passionate people in the industry. She cares deeply about what she does, and she does it exceedingly well.
Dean Phillipi Sr.
Laura Mae is awesome to work with. I recently had the pleasure to work with her on "Don't Say My Name." God bless her for promoting Christian Casting, which is all in faith and honor to God.
Melvy Concepcion
Working with Laura Mae and Christian Casting has been an adventure to say the least! (King Cobras, anyone? 😝) The encouragement and the casting opportunities are so appreciated as well as the incredible industry friendships developed within the community.
Olivia Devlin
So grateful for Christian Casting. My daughter Olivia was cast in the Film "Don't Say My Name", and she had a wonderful experience. Laura was very professional and very loving. Now we have the opportunity to network with great Actors and Directors.
Brooklyn Wittmer
Laura Mae makes every movie set and every casting experience SO special because she wants to make your talents and gifts SHINE in the best way! If you have any questions about the industry, or you just need encouragement, Laura Mae is always right there helping prepare you in your career.
Suzanne Nuff
Absolutely love Christian Casting and the encouragement, feedback and information provided. Laura Mae is a consummate professional, knowledgeable, yet down to earth, and communication is always timely. I don't know how she does it. This is truly an anointed ministry.
Garcia Brothers
Mount Harvest Productions
There are excellent service providers, but with what Laura Mae's Christian Casting offers, there's a giant leap forward. Going above and beyond the professional distinction necessary to operate a capable talent-casting service, Laura offers crucial intangibles to her company's offerings: genuine commitment, a tenacity for excellence, and a result-driven passion.
Nise Davies
Casting Director
Laura Mae is hard working and dependable. When you're producing an independent film, it's important to work with people you can count on.
Scott Ruiz
Aspiring Actor
Laura was awesome right from the start. She was nice and made the surroundings comfortable for me as it was my first time on a movie set. Laura was so caring, and I will never forget the opportunity she gave me.
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