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Laura Mae

"Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him." James 1:12

"... let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us." Hebrews 12:1

If you’re here to find out, I believe you are MEANT to be here. Christian Casting was born from a deep heart’s desire to see the gifts of Christian entertainers be given a single community where project makers, talent and crew alike, all across the nation (and eventually around the world) could easily find one another. Our mission is simple: to UNITE, IGNITE and ADVANCE the Kingdom of God through the gifts and talents He has given...and to keep the fire burning in the hearts of Christians who are called to the field of entertainment. 

What do we offer? Given our name, Christian Casting, it is clear we love to receive casting notices for family friendly projects and send them along to our talent base! If you are a film maker, musical festival producer, church events planner, etc, we’d LOVE to help you find the talent you need! Got talent? Entertainment industry skills? We want to help the Christian community build a national network that will most effectively connect you with opportunities to work within those abilities! Need help on the production side? We can do that, too!

But it goes so much deeper than that. If you have spent any time on this journey, you know that it can be overwhelming to do it alone. Often talent find themselves discouraged in between jobs, struggling to understand their purpose in the downtime, wrestling with commitment to their day jobs, begging God to know why He has given this dream and not allowed it to be fulfilled yet... For those, we offer community. Encouragement. Like-minded people on every side who truly understand that journey and can inspire them to new heights in their moments of stillness as well as the opportunity to advance their training. For them and for the performer who has the dream to begin but perhaps has never been given the opportunity (or known where to even start), we offer training articles, educational resources and live coaching from industry professionals that can help you continue to skill up in your talent, ensuring that when the time comes for you to submit for your first project (or fourth or twelfth- do you know in this industry it can be common to hear one yes for every 25 nos? Truth!), you are able to do so in excellence. And to stay encouraged as you continue to train and wait for your open door. 

For seasoned professionals who may not need the community or training in the same way our other talent do, we offer the opportunity to apply as a coach and/or webinar speaker, firmly believing that God has given us each our gifts for the edification of one another, and teaching what you have learned along the way to those who are just beginning is a very special way to invest your talent and encourage your heart in your own down time! Actor, singer, model, crew member, photographer, public speaker, puppeteer, magician, etc? Show us what you’ve got and let’s see if we can help you to  help others.  We truly believe it is what God would have us to do. 

CC is here for HIS purpose, for His glory, and to truly be the salt and light this world needs, no longer hiding that little light of yours. Time to let it shine, united with other lights all over the nation and the world. Together, we are unstoppable.

If God burdens your heart to support the international mission field of entertainment through CC, please know that you will be a vital part of bringing the good news of Jesus into a world that so desperately needs Him. Movies can often get into places where no pastor can. Our message of hope is so very important, and YOU can help the world hear.