The Christian film community — connected like never before.
Room 4™ is a community built by and for Christian actors and filmmakers, a gathering place for like-minded actors, directors, producers, casting directors and everyone in between. A place to socialize and encourage one another.

In addition to regularly published Christian film news and opportunities we're offering educational resources, coaching from industry professionals and other free resources that can help you grow your skills. For filmmakers and casting directors, we’re cultivating a pool of talent to support your project, large or small.

Room 4 is entirely crowd funded. Enhanced features will be released as funding allows. We're beta testing now. Join our beta testers for an opportunity to influence our release priorities.
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Release 1

in beta testing now

News & Casting Info
Stay up to date with industry news, casting opportunities and LOTS of free resources
User Profiles
Create a simple profile and participate with commentsand likes

Release 2

Currently Funding

Custom Profiles
Enhance your personal profile to include experience and other info relevant to casting directors
Pro Features
Create business accounts, expand your visibility and engagement
Casting Call Posts
Casting calls will feature greater details including roles, compensation, dates, etc...
Search Tools
Use Search tools to find posts and resources that are important to you
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Release 3

Future Release

User Posts
More robust interaction on the Room 4 News Feed
Direct Messaging
Upgraded accounts with pro-level features willallow direct messages with other pros
Interactive Cast & Crew Calls
Post Interactive Casting & Crew Calls to find actors, extras, technical, administrative or creative talent
Post Ads to bring awareness to your profile orproject

Release 4

Future Release

Personal Websites
Bulk up your Pro-profile to include multiple headshots, skills, personal introduction video, reels, and more – then automatically publish those updates to your personal website.
Private Groups
Create, join and participate with Private Room4 Groups

We can’t do it without you.

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